Steps for writing argumentative essay

Sometimes, you should write argumentative essay for your teacher or professor. It is not very easy, but, if you follow the steps, which are below, you will be able to get the highest mark. These recommendations are very useful and valuable, so, do not miss them.

How to start the argumentative essay?

First of all, it is needed to find the theme of your essay. There are a lot of them, for example:

  • Sport;
  • Music;
  • Languages;
  • People;
  • News and many others.

After that you need to choose the subtheme – it can be more developed and it requires more explanation. Here you need to show your arguments. Everything should be described in the details. The most important thing of this essay is your vocabulary. You should think a lot about which exactly words you need to use in this type of essay. Also, if there are some difficulties with the essay, you can ask if someone can write your essay.

Have your own point of view

If you write this type of the essay, you need to have your own point of view on different things. You need to write down all the thoughts and then just check that all of these ideas are connected, and can support each other. Also, it is possible to do when you choose the topic for cause and effect essay.

Every chapter should have main point of view and some sentence, which can develop the theme and support it. Then you will be able to explain your point of view and prove it. Every next step should be from the previous one and they should be logical.

When should you do for the research?

All your thoughts should be proved by statistics and different facts. Because of this fact, it is needed to check a lot of materials and different sources of information. You need to choose the best facts, which can provide the reader with all needed and detailed information. The detailed information you use, the easier it will be for people to understand what you wish to say and accept your point of view and your arguments. If you wish to write reflective essay topic, for example, there you should not have such a strict order.

Structure of the essay

The main paragraphs and chapters should be in the logical order. For example, you can explain about how exactly you agree with the theme of the essay in the first chapter. Then, the next one you can prove by your practical ideas and later you can show what can be done. It will help a lot to the reader to understand what exactly you wish to say. It is very good to start with the strong introduction, you can even give a few short arguments to catch the eye of the reader.

Before starting the essay, it will be the great idea to create the plan. For example, you can write a lot of different thoughts and then divide them into paragraphs. It will be easier for you to follow everything step by step and avoid any confusion.

The conclusion should not be very long. All your thoughts, which you have expressed during the whole text should not be shown in the end of the essay. You should end your essay with last phrase, which your readers will remember. The same thing should be done if you wish to write social issues essay topic.