How to write the cause and effect essay?

If you wish to write this reflective essay topic, you should clearly understand which parts this essay should have and how exactly you need to write it. It seems to be complicated, but after reading all these steps you will be able to understand everything. It will give you the chance to write the best essay and get the highest mark. It is not as complicated as you can think.

What is cause and effect essay?

During the process of writing the social issues essay topic,  it is needed to focus your attention on situation and also answer to the different questions like:

  • Why?
  • Which result?
  • What is the reason?

Steps for writing essay

There are several valuable steps for writing argumentative essay topic :

  1. It is needed to read attentively the theme you were given or you need to choose. It is better to choose the theme, which is not very difficult for understanding, because it will be easier for you to write the essay;
  2. You should have time for writing this essay – for example, think about the theme, discuss it with your friends – you need to have your own opinion on it;
  3. During 10-20 minutes write down all your thought on the paper. Then you will be able to choose the most interesting ones and then start writing the essay;
  4. When you read everything, that you have wrote, just select the main parts, ideas and arguments. They will help you to build your essay;
  5. It is better to set up the plan via short parts of the essay – then you will see all parts of it and it will be easier for you to develop your ideas.

After you decided which ideas you want to use, you can easily stat writing the essay.

Which question is possible to use in your essay?

There are different types of questions, which can help you to create the essay, for example:

  • Simple questions – for example, it is needed to remember some facts or some information in order to answer these questions. They can be like What? Where? Who? When?
  • The next group of questions is forgetting the detailed information. For example: Do you mean that… and many others. They will help you to get the detailed explanation to your questions;
  • Also, there are some questions, which can start with the word Why? After this questions it is needed to write the answer and it will be easier for the reader to check this essay and get your point of view;
  • Creative questions – they can look like: Just imagine that…, What could be? And so on. They will give the opportunity to the readers to think about the text and all possible options, which could be. These questions are very useful, because they develop your point of view a lot. They will catch the attention of the reader and give the opportunity to develop the imagination.
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