Social Issues Essay Topic

Social essay means that you should collect different facts, information from different resources in one text and organize all these details. This type of the essay is very popular at school or university and also you can see it in the world of advertising and business.

Research the theme of the essay

After you choose the theme of the reflective essay topic, you should find the facts, which is possible to combine in one essay and prove your ideas. The theme should be wide, because it is needed to check a lot of different facts to research your paper enough.

Choose the source of materials

Before you start writing the essay, you should find which sources will be reliable and useful for topic for argumentative essay . It is recommended to choose no less than 3 sources at least in order to have enough information for the essay. After reading the sources, you should have your own opinion about the theme and develop it in the topic for cause and effect essay.

Create the plan of the essay’s structure

It is impossible to write the best essay if you do not have exact plan of the structure. Also, the structure of the paper should be strict and it will be carefully checked by your teacher or professor. So, if you wish to have the best mark, you should follow general demands to the structure of this type of essay.

The structure of the essay should be like this:

  • Introduction – here you should catch the attention of the reader. You should not develop the theme completely in this chapter. It can be a question, or something, after what reader wants to check the article further. It is better to use simple and not very long phrases in the essay, because people will be better understand your point of view. Also, in this case they will not lose the theme of the paper;
  • Main part – it is better to start this part from the sentence, which can develop the reason why you took this theme. Then you should explain it and provide the reader with the facts, which can prove your point of view;
  • Conclusion – you should collect all your thoughts in 1 sentence. All details from the essay should be shown in the end of the paper.

Write the essay

It is recommended firstly to write the draft and create some parts of the essay for writing the full text. If you find some new information, you can easily to add it later.

Also, it is recommended not to change the theme very sharp and every next sentence should be from the previous one. All your thoughts should be approved by valuable facts. The information should be reliable and because of this fact, it is needed to check different sources. When you write the essay completely, just read it from the very beginning till the end and check if you do not have any grammar or lexical mistakes.

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